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A Step Beyond Divinity (2017)

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Domination Recording Studio by Simone Mularoni.
Artwork by Seth Siro Anton (SepticFlesh)
Embryo logo and monogram by Andreas Xenoulis of Corn Studio

1. The Same Difference
2. Overwhelming Your Disgust
3. Vanguard For The Blind
4. Painting Death
5. Looking For The Divine
6. Solitaria 1519
7. Leonardo
8. The Greatest Plan
9. Bastard Of The Brood
10. Mouth Of Shame
11. Witness Of Your Life
12. The Horror Carved

Line up
Roberto Pasolini- Vocals
Eugenio Sambasile - Guitars
Simone Solla- Keyboards
Enea Passarella - Drums
Simone Mularoni - Bass Guitar (Very Special Guest)

Embryo concept for new album: Leonardo da Vinci
The new songs are all inspired by the figure of Leonardo da Vinci, focusing on the ambivalence that
led his life: a man who became the symbol of his time but lived his entire existence “in the future” ,
an artist with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a scientist with a unique taste for beauty, the
biggest “attraction” of all Italian and European courts and the solitary bastard son who never knew
his mother…
Leonardo has been studied for decades by art historians, engineers, architects, psychologists trying
to understand the genius and more recently the man, trying to find secrets behind his works and
going even further imagining his binding with occultism and the “dark side of Catholicism” that
was reigning during his life. The hardest part of this research is due to the really few information
about him and the really few jobs that arrived to us; we still have all his diaries and annotations, but
we’re not talking about a “regular person”, it’s really hard going into his mind and trying to
decipher his own thoughts.
After almost 500 years from his death he remains a big fascinating enigma and his visionary mind
keeps on inspiring myriads of artists and scholars.
In short, we decided to focus on the figure of Leonardo Da Vinci choosing some particular events in
his life to turn on a spotlight on the man with all his weaknesses and neurosis, showing the frailty of
the man opposed to the majesty of the artist; he's been one of a kind in his "public life", a brain out
of the ordinary, but we wanted to show that he's been like many of us too, in his heart.